Back to School

Welcome to our 'Back to School' page! Here you'll find lots of information about your new class as well as some fun activities to do at home ready for the return to school. We're all really looking forward to seeing all of your smiley faces again! 

Don't forget that you can email your new class if you have any questions (, or email if there's anything you or your children are worried about.

See our EYFS page for class information, photos and story time with your new teachers!

Things that might be different in Year 3 to Year 2:
  • You can buy toast for 20p at break time instead of fruit (£1 can be paid on a Monday for 5 days) 
  • Lunchtime and break times could be at different times and might be on the bigger playground.
  • We use more names for different lessons - science, history, geography, spelling & phonics.
  • Afternoon break will slowly turn into a Just dance / Take 10.
  • Your reading record may look different!

What have you been doing at home while schools have been closed? You could complete these activities and show them to your new teacher when you come back in September.

Here's some more useful information about coming back to school...

An editable social story about coming back to school.

Tips for parents if your children are worried about returning to school

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