Our Ofsted focus is writing

Here are some comments from our parents across the school.

"My daughter's reading and writing is coming on in leaps and bounds."

"When my daughter started school in September she wasn't interested in reading or attempting to write.  now when I see her write her name so clearly, I feel so proud of her."

"I was amazed when my child learned how to read and write and is coming on in leaps and bounds."

"His vocabulary amazes me every day and he loves writing his letters on the blackboard at home."

"We think that our daughter has settled in well and is enjoying school.  She has made great progress with her reading and writing."

"Her reading and writing has accelerated so quickly and her enthusiasm in phonics is lovely to see."

"It has been lovely to see her confidence grow especially over the last term and to see her reading and writing start to come together has been wonderful."

"Corridors and classrooms looked amazing."

"We are really impressed and proud of our daughter's enjoyment and improvement in writing.  She keeps making us lists and cards."

"Our son is really enjoying his writing and loves to practise at home."

"Our son's spelling is coming on brilliantly.  he loves being able to come home and show us the letters, sounds and actions he has learned.  he is also very happy that he is able to spell his name."

"Our daughter's recognition of sounds, blending and segmenting has blown us away and being able to read parts of books is such an achievement."

"We have been absolutely thrilled to watch the acceleration of our daughter's reading and writing."

"Lovely displays.  Great to read the children's writing.  They are obviously very proud of their work.  Beautiful rain forests."

"I was amazed when my child started to write sentences.  I couldn't believe how quickly it all happened.  We have been so pleased with our daughter's progress."

"Our daughter writes short stories of her own from sounds and has grown in confidence to do so at school and home."

"I was amazed when my child wrote her own story and could read a whole sentence of her own."

"I have seen a huge amount of progress in our son's reading and writing, also his understanding of things and has become more questionable about life around him.  I am most proud of his ability to read and recognise certain words."

"Our son is really enjoying all the topics in class.  He loves maths and writing.  his handwriting has improved so much this year."

"We are very pleased to hear our son is making progress in his writing.  His writing has certainly inspired him."

"Our son has had a great year this year - he has really enjoyed his writing and maths."

"I am amazed at the achievements she has made and is making in school.  Her handwriting particularly has come on unbelievably in the past few months alone."

"Our son has really enjoyed year 5 and has progressed in his learning - particularly in English.  We have definitely noticed an improvement, even with his handwriting."

"I am extremely pleased with our son's progress this year in all areas of school life, but especially in writing and reading."

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