At Southmead each year we have an Eco Team made up of eager environmentally friendly pupils who take on several projects throughout the year to help the school and our friends and family be kind to planet Earth.

The Eco team is made up of pupils from each class across Key Stage 2. Pupils who wish to be a member of the Eco team had to write a letter of application or make a presentation to their class explaining why they would like to represent their class and be a member of the Eco Team. Selected pupils help lead the activities and campaigns over the year across the school. These activities and campaigns centre on reducing the amount of waste we produce, recycling, saving electricity, travelling to school safely and sustainably. We also try to inspire other schools and members of the community to join us and become more environmentally friendly.

The group meet every half term and plan activities for the rest of the school they then feedback to their class about what is happening and how everyone can be involved. Look out for further updates from our meetings and priorities we will be focusing on this year

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