Gluten Free alternatives are available for every meal.  (Please ask your child to say during registration.)  If your child has specific dietary requirements or specific allergies, please let their class teacher or a member of staff in the office know.  We can assist with menus which are appropriate for your child.

Lunch Choices
We would like to ask for your help.
We would like to further improve pupils' lunchtime experience by making it as streamlined as
possible. We currently have a few children who order lunch in the morning and then change their
minds when they get to the kitchen at lunchtime. This can cause problems as Mr Lymer, our Kitchen
Manager cooks to order from the lunches ordered in the morning. Whilst we try to accommodate
these changes it can lead to upset and difficulties making sure everyone gets their chosen meal. We
know mornings can be hectic, but we would really grateful if you could discuss the day's dinner menu
with your child before they come to school in the morning.
Thank you for your help and support.

If children are bringing snacks and packed lunches into school, please ensure they are healthy 
We kindly request you do not send your child to school with nuts as although for many they are a
healthy snack, we have several children with severe allergies to them which could lead to anaphylaxis.

Birthday Treats
We are happy for children to bring in treats for their class friends when it is their birthday as we
want them to celebrate and share in the excitement of their special day. However, we ask that they
be given out at the end of the school day and taken home for parents to decide if their child can have
them or not. Please be aware treats should not contain nuts and we do have children with various
other food allergies as well.


Please apply for free school meals if you are entitled and your child is in EYFS, Year 1 & Year 2 as the school gets additional funding for those pupils entitled to free school meals.


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