Dogs Helping Kids (DHK)

At Southmead School we are lucky enough to have two school dogs.  Both dogs work at different times to each other and work in different ways to help the children develop and achieve their goals.


Teazel is a 5 year old labradoodle and her very proud owner is Gail.  They come into school once a week and work with a small group of children.  Both Teazel and Gail are much loved by all at Southmead and we always look forward to their visit.  We have also been fortunate enough by working with Gail and Teazel to be involved in  some amazing opportunities.  We have had an Australian film crew visit the school and film a group of children working with Teazel, we have had several local news interviews and been asked to take part in a book being published about working with animals.


Honey is 2 yrs old and she is a Goldendoodle.  She lives with Jane Shannon who works at Southmead.  Honey is also Teazel’s niece.  Honey attends school three days a week.  Honey can be seen working throughout the school and spends time in the classroom as well as working 1:1 with pupils.  Honey loves listening to the children reading.

There are more pictures of Honey on our Galleries page

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