Southmead Primary aims to involve parents and carers as partners in each pupil's learning journey. We work collaboratively with parents and carers to ensure each child's needs are met. We aim to do this by keeping parents informed about events and information and are always available for a chat.
New parents to the school are welcomed by members of the Pastoral care team who invite them for a coffee and a chat in the Cherry Tree Café so you can feel part of the school community.

Southmead Primary school has a welcoming and supportive PTA. 


Please be advised that our Attendance Figure set by Ofsted must be 97% or above. Only those with exceptional circumstances for absence can be authorised by the Head Teacher.

As a school, our attendance is falling so it is not possible in some circumstances for the Head Teacher to authorise absences. Examples of exceptional circumstances are;

  • genuine illness,

  • unavoidable medical/dental appointments (but try to make these after school if possible),

  • days of religious observance,

  • seeing a parent on leave from the armed forces and

  • external examinations.


Example of absences that will not be authorised are;

  • any type of shopping

  • looking after siblings or unwell parents

  • minding the house

  • birthdays

  • resting after a late night

  • relative visiting or visiting relatives

  • holidays booked in term time due to cost

Every Minute Counts

Is your child ever late for school?  Did you know . . .

 5 minutes late each day = 3 days of school lost in a year

10 minutes late each day = 6.5 days 

15 minutes late each day = 10 days

20 minutes late each day = 13 days

30 minutes late each day = 19 days 

Research shows that 19 days lost in a school year is likely to lead to one whole grade lower in SATs across all subjects.

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