Governors at Southmead School work hard to support the school community and to hold the senior management team to account for both standards and pupils’ performance and for use of resources. Over the past year they have been directly involved in:
•    Regular monitoring and review of School Policies. 
•    Regular visits to school, meeting with Lead Teachers and other staff to monitor and oversee Health & Safety, Security, Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs, PE, Pupil Performance, Assessment and Behaviour Management.
•    Regular monitoring of pupil progress data.
•    Meeting with External Advisors to deliver Headteacher Induction and Appraisal.
•    Monitoring staff performance management procedures through the Pay and Performance Committee.
•    Monitoring the Budget and implementing Benchmarking procedures to ensure value for money compared to similar schools.
•    Attending training sessions, led by Babcock LDP Governor Services and NDTSA North Devon Governor Hub, to increase knowledge and expertise in offering support and challenge to the school.
•    Supporting staff wellbeing and ensuring appropriate support and care is in place.
•    Monitoring national changes to policy and maintaining an awareness of local community developments.
•    Monitoring the School Improvement Plan.
•    The establishment of the Braunton Learning Co-Operative Trust.
The Governors’ Meetings are held every half term. These meetings are held in public and any member of the public is welcome to attend. Those of the school community including parents and carers are encouraged to attend. Visitors sit in the public area to listen to the discussion. Those in the public area cannot participate in the meeting and will be asked to leave if matters of a confidential matter are discussed.  If you would be interested in attending a meeting of the Full Governing Body please contact Elaine McIntosh, the Clerk to the Governors, via the school office and she will be delighted to discuss this with you. 

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