Pupils joining / leaving Southmead -

Postcards and Passports


We would like to wish you a warm welcome to Southmead and hope your move went well.  


We have a special Southmead ‘Passport’ (below) to help with the transition of moving to a new school, whether it be to Southmead or from Southmead to a new school.  It would be lovely if you could fill in the passport and bring it with you when you arrive in Southmead.  We look forward to reading it and finding out all about you.

The passport has two parts.  The first part has information about our school day, please choose the appropriate document for your age.

If you contact the office before you come they should be able to let you know the name of your child’s class and teacher.

At the bottom of the passport is a place for you to put your first memories of school.


The second part is for you to tell us about yourself.  This gives us an idea of how you are feeling, what you are good at and any worries you may have about coming to our school.

Please bring this when you come to school and give it to your class teacher, or you could email it to us before you start.  


There is also a postcard (below) for you to print off, fill in and send back to your old school or Southmead if you've left us, to tell them / us, you have arrived safely and have settled in well.  

We wish you and your family all the best in your new adventure in North Devon and at Southmead. If you have any questions please contact Mrs Matthews, our Family Support Worker.


(Paper copies of these documents are also available from the school office should you need them.)

Postcard to your old school
Blank Postcard 

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