PSHE stands for Personal, Social and Health Education and is a programme of leanring through which the children acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives.
Through our rich and varied curriculum children will be given opportunities to learn skills to develop effective relationships, assume greater personal responsibility and keep themselves safe (PREVENT).  PSHE assists children to cope with sensitive events such as bereavement, puberty, introduces them to a wider world and enables them to make an active contribution to their communities.
To support the children’s PSHE development the programme of study is underpinned by a number of school initiatives:
Monthly school values
The use of national programmes such as SEAL
Weekly class circle time
Lunchtime provision
Pastoral Care
Nurture Groups
Sporting events
Southmead is an inclusive school, educating children in an environment that sees the value of diversity and offers support for all pupils while actively promoting British Values.
At Southmead we have a values-led curriculum.  This means that we use a specific set of values in our teaching and as a way to reinforce positive behaviour at school and in later life.

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