If you have ideas about how the Pupil Premium (Government money for pupils entitled to Free School Meals) funding can be spent, please let us know.  

Service Pupil Premium (Money for pupils from Military Families) – by Ian Cheeseman, Unit Welfare Officer, RMB Chivenor.
Each military child is allocated £300. The money is used by schools to cover a range of benefits including staffing, training and pastoral support. Southmead takes advice from organisations such as Service Children in State Schools to ensure we deliver “Best Practice”.
Spending plans are posted on the school website and discussed at Chivenor Parish meetings held at RMB Chivenor throughout the year and will be attended by Mr Nick Plumb on behalf of the school. Records are kept of all expenditure and this is regularly reviewed.
Families are welcome to contribute ideas for how the money could be spent to help their child and are asked to do so in writing. The key things parents have requested so far are:- financial support for clubs, music tuition, trips, residential, homework and uniform. If you have ideas which you feel would benefit your child or the wider school community please contact the school office.  

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Performance in 2018 / 2019


Average Progress score in reading, writing and maths: 

Reading : Above average 2.5     Writing: Average -1.2     Maths: Above average 1.6

Performance at Key Stage 2 in 2017 / 2018

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