Southmead Friends Association (SFA)

Southmead Friends Association, or the SFA, is Southmead Primary School's PTA. We exist to organise fun events for our children, fundraise, fund projects for the school, meet other parents and unite our local school community. We are a small group of parents, so if you would like more information or to help out, we'd love to hear from you!

You can find out more about our planned events on the notice board by the school office, on our Facebook page, Southmead Friends Association, and by speaking to the school office. If you don't fancy joining the SFA committee, how about being a Class Parent for your child's class and spreading SFA news that way!

Some of the events we organised last year include:

  • Southmead Rocks

  • School Christmas Cards, decorations and tea towels

  • Coffee mornings

  • Christmas Fair

  • Colouring competitions

  • Easter disco

  • Cake sales and ice cream sales

  • Sports Day refreshments

  • Summer Fair

  • Year Facebook groups

During 2018-2019 we have spent funds raised on play time equipment and playground installations for the children, plus IT equipment for use in class, radios, netball posts, benches, part of the outdoor classroom, and the school trophy. We are very excited to be partnering with the school on a number of projects in 2019 which will benefit all the children, including a climbing wall, musical equipment and a mobile sound system.

Did you know that you can now help Southmead Friends Association raise funds for FREE just by shopping online? Sign up for free to Give as you Live and every time you shop online via the website a FREE donation will be made to your PTA and it won't cost you anything!

See you on the playground!

Each class now has a parent representative and each year group has its own Southmead Friends Facebook page to help with staying in touch with what’s going on.

Class Reps for 2018 / 2019 are:

Starfish - EYFS - Helena Yeo 

Hermit Crabs - EYFS Class rep needed

Periwinkles - Yr 1 - Class rep needed

Fairy Shrimps - Yr 1 - Shelley Ellis

Sandpipers - Yr 2 - Laura Grimshaw

Kittiwakes - Yr 2 - Class rep needed

Puffins - Yr 3 - Jackie Guthrie

Curlews - Yr 3 - Clare Hollister

Porpoises - Yr 4 - Class rep needed

Dolphins - Yr 4/5 - Class rep needed

Otters - Yr 5 - Kelly Bradford

Grey Seals - Yr 5/6 - Jackie Guthrie

Blennies - Yr 6 - Class rep needed

Please let us know if you would be interested in becoming a class rep for those classes who need one.  This is a really simple way to support our SFA and the School.


Southmead SFA

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