Eco Team find interesting items whilst litter picking!

On Wednesday the 18th of January and Thursday the 26th of January the Eco team went litter picking close to the school. Within half an hour the Eco team filled up a whole bin bag, bearing in mind we were only doing it around the school premises. During Wednesday the 18th of January the Eco team found many unwanted objects such as: a shoe, a sock, a glass bottle of alcohol, lots of metal cans and a few plastic bottles. Many of these objects could have been recycled, yet were thrown aside with out any thought.

The same procedure happened on Thursday 26th of January when the Eco team went out again, but this time we went out onto Wrafton Road. We spent the same amount of time on Wrafton Road which we did outside our school, and yet again we came back with another bin bag full of rubbish. While out on Wrafton we came across: four cigarette packets, two dog poo bags, many metal drink cans and lots of food and sweet wrappers, plus some extras. As we were walking down the road we realised that there are no bins close by, but that is not an excuse to litter.

The Eco team try to contain the amount of rubbish around our school, but if you don’t help we will never accomplish our goal.





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