Class ADS play on brand new community equipment!

March 27, 2017


Earlier in the year the Council asked each class at Southmead to vote for their favourite play equipment, to help design a new play ground at Pill Gardens. The play ground has recently been finished and, at the end of March, children from class 5ADS were invited to represent the school at the Grand Opening! Although it rained during our visit, the children immensely enjoyed playing on the brand new, and sparklingly clean, equipment. This report was written by some of the children from class 5ADS.


On Wednesday the 27th of March class 5ADS were lucky enough to have been chosen to visit Pill Gardens Park for the opening. When we got there we met some people from North Devon Council; they were the people who built the park. At the park there are lots of things to do and play on, such as a spinning bowl, some monkey bars, a little playhouse, a slide, a climbing rope, a basket swing, and a marble game. I enjoyed the firemen’s pole the best because it was really fast when you go down it. We played a game of tag, and we had lots of fun. I can’t wait until we come back. This park is so much fun! Henry Jones.


Class 5ADS were lucky enough to be invited to the opening of Pill Garden’s Park. There were lots of new and exciting pieces of equipment to play on. When we got there we met a couple of people from North Devon Council. After that we got to run around and play on the equipment. I had loads of fun playing on the new equipment with my friends. Lots of new ideas were there, like a wall to climb up, which led to a platform; a different kind of monkey bar and a wonky iron bridge that you could also use as monkey bars from the bottom. My favourite equipment was the spinning bowl which you sat in and it would be spun by your friends. The park was absolutely amazing and lots of the equipment was very challenging to use. I love this park! Harry Hebard.


I was so very honoured that Mark Jones and his team invited us go down to the park to play on all the wonderful equipment at the Grand Opening. My favourite piece of equipment was the swing as myself and my friend loved it; we could not stop going on it! The variety of equipment in there was phenomenal (more than the actual Braunton Park!). I liked the old park, but I love the new park! Grace Essex.


I enjoyed all of the equipment, however my absolute favourite was the monkey bars, even though they were very challenging – at least for me. On the fireman’s pole I really had to pluck up my courage to go down, but with the help of my friends Anais and Eleanor I slid down and it was extremely fun. In fact, I ended up doing it 10 times!  Josephine Cole.


I enjoyed trying to climb the monkey bars. Even though they were very hard, I still gave it a go. I also enjoyed trying to stay on the spinning spike, because whilst you are going very fast you need to use all of your strength to stay on! The council have made such a good park and I am so grateful that it’s finally finished! Dylan McSherry.


I enjoyed everything because all of the equipment is so fun and safe, so I would like to go there again. I had fun playing on the marble game because it’s really complicated and I liked the slide because it was fast. I enjoyed the terrific telescope, the super slide, the funny fireman’s pole, the cool climbing frame and the sickly spinner! I think Pill Gardens Park is a fantastic park! Liam McQueen-Mason.


My favourite equipment was the rock climbing wall. I thought the spinning bowl was awesome, but it made me feel a little sick! Cerys Plant.


The people who made the park were so kind to think of us. My favourite equipment was the monkey bars because it was fun! Jessica Cardew.


My class had a fantastic time at the Grand Opening of Pill Gardens Park. All of the equipment is perfectly laid out and it’s a lovely place to have a park. There’s a lovely variety of equipment, like a tremendously terrific telescope and magnificently marvellous monkey bars! I would recommend this park to all my friends! Eleanor Burrell.

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