Tri Golf Skills Competition

April 28, 2018


Just after the Easter holidays, ten children from years 3 and 4 went to Saunton Sands Golf Club, to take part in the North Devon Schools Tri Golf skills competition. Teams from six schools took part, each one working as a school and scoring points collectively. They moved around eight different skills stations and at the end each school handed in their score card to find out how well they had done ...


Because each of the activities at the different skill stations was completed against the clock, the children had to listen very carefully to the instructions at each station. Then they had to think and work quickly, in order to be successful in demonstrating each golfing skill. And before they knew it, they were off to the next activity station.
On the putting green, where the Southmead team took on four separate putting challenges against the clock, the pace was fast and furious. The children worked very positively as a team and were hugely encouraging and supportive of each other. There were some hugely impressive points tallies, with everyone in the team contributing to that. Southmead particularly enjoyed a challenge that required the children to putt over two distances and for the ball to finish inside a hoop that surrounded the hole: the margin for error was very small. A huge score was built by
our team over the 7 minutes of the challenge but, not content with that, Ellie Bradford decided to not only finish inside the hoop on her last putt but to finish inside the hole, with huge cheers from her team mates!


I enjoyed putting with John; it was probably my favourite. I would like to thank Mr Cardew and Mrs Nicholls for taking me.” Josh 


I enjoyed the driving range because we learnt to chip. I would say to the adults that they were a big help.” Caine


We did eight activities. On the putting green we did one activity putting into the hole, the rest were trying to hit cones with the ball. My favourite thing at the competition was trying to putt into the hole because I managed to get it into the hole. To the adults that helped, I want to give a big thank you. Thank you to Mr Cardew and Mrs Nicholls for looking after us.” Ellie


I would like to say thank you to all the adults who helped us. Whilst I was there I experienced loads of different skills. I really enjoyed the activities in the putting area.  Whilst I was doing it I felt proud and happy.” Amelie B


I enjoyed working as a team and the opportunity to take part in this event. Thank you John and Tiffany for hosting the event for us to take part in. Also a big thank you to Mr Cardew and Mrs Nicholls for helping with the event and thank you to the parents for coming to stay and watch.” Amelie S

I enjoyed putting with John. My favourite game was when you hit a ball into a hoop, but it had to stay there so you got a point. Then we went up to the range with Tiff. My favourite game was when you chip it over a river and roll it down the alley way. It was great fun.” Mia

I loved the tri-golf competition. I enjoyed putting because John taught me how to hit the ball properly and I loved the games we played. I didn’t know I could hit the ball so far. I’d like to say thank you very much to the adults who helped me; for helping me learn how to play golf and for making it so much fun!” Ben


My favourite challenge was when you had to get them to stay in the green cones. My second favourite was when you had to hit the cones to get points. I want to thank Tiffany and John for helping us.” Alfie

I had a really fun time. The best activity was the putting. We had to hit the ball with a putter and try to hit a cone. It was like ten pin bowling but you can only hit one cone at a time. The second best was at the driving range. We had to try and chip the ball into the air.  Thank you to all the adults that helped us take part.” Reuben

The things we did well at were all about putting. We had to try and get the ball to touch the cones. Different colour cones were worth different points. At the end everyone was counting the points. Woolacombe came 1st, Ilfracombe came 2nd, and Southmead came 3rd. I think the parents that helped were really nice. It was really great fun!” Elsie

So Southmead built on their achievement’s from last year’s competition to finish in a fantastic 3rd position! The team were very focused and extremely supportive of each other’s achievements. They appreciated the concept that by working efficiently and as a team, they would give themselves the opportunity to score more points. Ellie Bradford led the way in the putting arena whilst Mia, Amelie, Elsie, Amalie B and Ruben demonstrated their expertise when driving or pitching the ball.  


A special thank you goes to the volunteers from Saunton Sands golf club that gave up their time to ensure that children were able to experience such fantastic facilities and develop a passion for the sport.

We would like to sincerely thank the all of the parents who accompanied the children to Saunton and who supported the school by providing lifts. In particular we would like to thank Matt Cardew and Sarah Nicholls for looking after the children and for coordinating our team of parents. We really couldn’t take part in these events without parent support, so thank you once again!



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