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Underpins all of our School Values here at Southmead.

Year 3 Curlews and Puffins



Ask your parents to share one piece of your Maths and English home learning efforts with us for a chance to be our home and key worker stars of the week! Want to see your friends home learning? Watch the video below,  look here or go onto Flipgrid to say Hi.


Puffins: Winter

Curlews: Freddie


Our contact emails are and

Only two weeks of home learning will be placed on our site at a time, previous lessons/activities will be removed on Thur/Fri.

The video here explains how we have structured our home learning (click here).


Zooms take place at 10am and 12pm. Just click the links below and enter the passcode (same for all meetings). 

Use your child's full name for safeguarding and register purposes.

w/c 18.1.21 Zoom teacher will be Miss Williams       Key worker teacher will be Miss Brooks


If you miss a zoom, the lesson videos & activities for that day are still available on this page.

Lessons to be taught on zoom have (zoom) next to them, so you don't overlap or repeat activities!


10am Lesson

Meeting ID: 996 8373 3994

Email class teacher for passcode (same every week)

12pm-12:30pm Social

Meeting ID: 995 5631 2936

(same as 10am meeting code)

Monday Hello and Maths Parent drop-in for questions, queries and advice
Tuesday English Puffins social catch up
Wednesday Maths Curlews social catch up
Thursday English All of Year 3: mini assembly to support well-being.   

Topic sharing. Reading skill activity

and/or spelling zoom game. May add in a little French at a later date!

All of Year 3: sharing home learning and zoom games

Children can access flipgrid here to share their learning and see videos from their friends. More details on this are under science. Class code: smyear3  Student code: TTrockstars username name. 

Any access to technology issues or queries, please direct to the office who can advise. 


Keeping your children safe online is important. 

For child friendly online safety games and parent support please click here


To help you structure your home learning, please find our suggested timetable to help. This includes our zoom lessons.

Handwriting help

Top tip 1: Sizing your letters. Watch a video to help here

Top tip 2: How to hold your pen correctly. Watch a video to help you here

Top tip 3: Ascenders and descenders. Watch a video to help you here


Beginner handwriting pack      Developing handwriting pack      Confident handwriting pack


Joined formation help:  Long letters   Long letters 2    Zigzag letters    Curly letters   Joining letters together     


Three activities per week

Week starting Monday 11th: Watch our learning video here to show you what to do this week.

Monday 18th: Watch this video here to learn about speech and try our activity below.

Now, try our online grammar quiz here Use your first name only!
Tuesday 19th: Watch this video here to learn about using speech marks and try our activity below (zoom)

Thursday 21st: Watch this video here and try our activity below (zoom)

If you want to draw your Beastie and type the speech, you could also use this site here 

Extra ideas: Find the missing speech marks (inverted commas) activity here 

or perhaps try some role play using some animation apps like Puppet Pals or with your toys!

Short Spelling activities (Long e then long i phoneme)

Three activities per week

Need extra practise with your phonics?

Find, say and play different sounds (phonemes) here

Watch a video on how to pronounce your sounds (phonemes) correctly here



Two activities per week


 Run out of reading books at home? We have set up free access to Epic online 7am - 4pm weekdays! 

Go to and type in our Year 3 class code: ucn3024, find your name to get reading & listening to books!

Tuesday 19th: After, try out our online Beastie quiz here . Use your first name only.


Five activities / lessons per week


Maths progresssion. Children do not have to do all the tasks.

Light blue: Feeling a bit wobbly with the skill Do it: Practice fluency (Do it 1 OR Do it 2 - Do it 2 will look to stretch you) Use it: Explain a mistake

Own it: These are reasoning and problem solving questions applying the skill. Children may need support to work through some of these.

Extension: Extra challenge!


 Don't forget you can login to Times Table Rockstars to practise and challenge your teachers! 

Email us if you need us to add on more teacher set times tables.  You can challenge us too! 


Click here for the 3 times table song - 3s


Click here for the 4 times table song - 4s          Click here for our class recorded 4 times table song - 4s               


Click here for Miss Brooks' 8 times table song - 8        Click here for the Adele times table song - 8s

Our weekly maths answers are here:
Our daily maths work is here:
Monday 18th: Watch the video here and try the activities. Start at light blue if it’s tricky! (Zoom)
Tuesday 19th: Watch the video here and try the activities. 
Wednesday 20th: Watch the video here and try the activities. (Zoom)
Thursday 21st: Watch the video here and try the activities. 
Friday 22nd: Watch the video here and try the activities. 
Last week's daily maths:
Monday 11th: Watch our video here and try our activity below.

Tuesday 12th: Watch our video here and try our activity below.

Click here for Miss Brooks' 8 times table song - 8

Wednesday 13th: Watch our video here and try our activity below (zoom).
Thursday 14th: Watch our video here and try our activity below.
Friday 15th: Watch our video here and try our activity below.



Your Science learning for this week is on Flipgrid

Class code: smyear3 

Student username: same as the TTrockstars/Numbots username


Until half term, we will be studying the topic 'Animals including humans' and the lessons will be as follows:

From Monday 11th January - Week 1 Nutrition

From Monday 18th January - Week 2 Types of skeletons

From Monday 25th January - Week 3 Naming bones

From Monday 1st February - Week 4 Functions of a skeleton

From Monday 8th February - Week 5 Mighty Muscles


Each Science lesson will be available on Flipgrid from the dates shown above and will include all the information you need. We are really looking forward to viewing the work you have done by watching your videos or, if you are unable to record a video, please send your wonderful work into your class teacher to share what you have done.



To help you continue learning French at home, we have set up a new Duolingo Classroom! Duolingo is a FREE web-based language-learning platform. You can access Duolingo online or via the free mobile app, so you can use it on any device that you have available.


Each lesson comes with lots of help: just hover your pointer over different parts of a sentence for an explanation, or press the speaker icon to replay a pronunciation. Each lesson takes only a few minutes, so it’s really easy to fit into your day. 


2021 Year 3

classroom code: JTXQQU

Your parents/carers will need to use an email address to set up an account, before you can use the class code.


Geography for this half term

Our topic is Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis.

After half term, we will be writing reports on volcanoes, so encouraging your child to watch videos and read about these will help support their writing when they return to school. 

Extension activity: Watch the Earth as an Egg and make an hard boiled egg at home.

Watch the activity here


Extension activity: Make a playdoh layered earth. Watch the activity here

Updated links:

What are Continents? explained in a video here

Continents of the world song here (I love this one!)

Countries in Europe explained in a video here

Google Earth link is here

How volcanoes are formed video here

Learn about volcanoes with BBC Bitesize. There are games and activities here

To know how an earthquake occurs is explained in the video here

Art project for this half term 

Task: To re-create Japanese art (The Great Wave)


Primary colours and mixing video here

Texture explained in a video here

Design Technology projects for this half term 

After half term, we will be exploring Earthquakes in school, so why not investigate the impact of volcanoes and tsunamis at home. We've listed some ideas below...

Activity 1: Create your own volcano and find out the science behind the explosion.


Activity 2: Explore the gases from a volcano


Activity 3: Create a Tsunami and explain it's destructive impact


Computing ideas for this half term 


We've already started using microbits already in school, explore what you can do at home


Knowing how to keep yourself safe online is really important. You can learn and play games about online safety on the website or just click here.


PE ideas for this half term 

Cosmic Yoga and Mindfulness


Still image for this video



This section contains videos and resources we have already covered in year 3 (& year 2) which are optional and can be completed in any order, at any time. It does not need to be printed, as all can be viewed online.


Please remember children have TIMETABLE ROCKSTARS, NUMBOTS and MyMATHS access at all times. Logins are on their reading records. Please email the class email if you need these.


Three Times Table Song (Cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars)

Mr. DeMaio and friends cover Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars in this fun multiplication video that can be used to help you memorize your three time...

How to do column addition

Still image for this video

How to do written subtraction

Still image for this video



Spelling practise at home can often be challenging. Why not try using a multi-sensory approach! Try making the spellings using play dough, using coloured pens, using toys to make the shape of the letters or even during baking with flour! Rap, sing or link spellings to stories and shapes.




To get more multi-sensory ideas click here.

Year 3 Spelling Patterns: What are prefixes and suffixes?


Our whole school expectation is that children read at home at least 3 times per week, this can be to an adult or independently.


If you do not have access to books at home, please go to and sign up for free access to ebooks


Below are some ideas to help support you at home with reading and questioning your child.

We love the question cards (first pdf below).


Who are the Year 3 teachers?

To find out more about your teachers, please check out our profiles here!

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