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Underpins all of our School Values here at Southmead.

Year Five

Homework Friday 9th July - Thursday 15th July


This week, we have been working super hard at brushing up on our arithmetic skills. Attached below is a set of questions in the same style. Try and do this independently to start with, so you can tell me what we need to go back over on Monday :) I have also attached  a picture of the working out for each question, so that you can follow my steps if you become stuck. 

I wonder if you can beat your score from the last time!  

Homework Friday 2nd July - Wednesday 7th July



For this week's English homework, we would like you to draw a selection of pictures of aspects of the SS Great Britain, to accompany your writing at school. This could be of the first class cabins, steerage, the dining room, propeller, etc. We will provide small pieces of paper for these to be completed on. 



We have really seen the benefit of the Literacy Planet reading comprehensions and would like you to complete one for your homework. Think about what we've discussed in class, read each question carefully and look for the key points, to help you answer the question! Remember, it's not always the most obvious answer. 


Otters - your reading comprehension will either be called:

  • Marcy Takes a Shot
  • Snappy Swimming 
  • Sara Snail's Sleepover 



We have seen a real improvement with some of the handwriting and can see that letter join has really helped with this. This week, we have selected the key vocabulary about the SS Great Britain and we'd like you to practice these. Take your time, we will be awarding housepoints for the biggest improvements! Please complete this on the sheet that we gave you on Friday. 

Half Term Homework


Over half term, we would like you to choose and complete either the Should, Could or Challenge activity. Please look through each and choose which you think will challenge you! (Don't choose one, because you think it may be easier). There are two code breaker activities and challenge is all to do with fraction pyramids. I have also attached an optional additional tasks, which asks you to print and make the fraction fortune teller and test your friends and family. 

21st - 26th May


In spelling, we have been focusing on words with 'shus' in them. 

This week, you are going to be exploring words with 'tious' and 'cious' and 'scious' graphemes. 


Word list: 

















Some of these 'shus' words will be new to you. To become familiar with the words on the list, we would like you to write a definition for the word and put it into a sentence, that makes sense to you. 


Example for 'suspicious': 

Definition: If somebody was acting in a suspicious way, they would give off the impression that they are questionable, dishonest, or dangerous.

Sentence: We were instructed to report any suspicious activity in the neighborhood.


Once you feel confident with the meanings of the words, go to

Play 'Single Player', listen to the sentence and spell the word correctly. You can do this as many times as you like! 😊

Homework Friday 14th May - Wednesday 19th May 


This weeks maths is a revision of column multiplication. Choose from either the Bronze, Silver or Gold questions. Use the video below, if you are unsure of this method. 

Super maths:

This weeks super maths is looking at doubling and halving. Use the pictures, to help you. Good luck! 

(Please only complete the super maths Homework if you have been asked to by myself and Miss Mugleston) 

Homework 7th May - Wednesday 12th May


In English next week, you are going to start writing an information page on the animal that you have chosen. In order to write a successful information page, you must be an expert on what you are writing about! We want you to feel super confident and knowledgeable on your chosen animal. 

Please thoroughly research your animal with your sub-headings in mind. 
What information is going in your text boxes? 
What do you not really know about yet? 
Think back to Thursday's lesson: What did you lack knowledge on?


Categories to consider: 

-History of your animal 

-Location and population in the world

-Habitat and reasons for their habitat

-Diet and how they find their food (scavenge? steal? hunt? store?)

-Their body/ key features/ characteristics/ habits (scent leaving? roaring? dancing?)

-Survival skills and unique strengths 

-Their relationship with humans (domesticated? hunted? endangered because of humans?) 

-Their similarities/ differences to other creatures like them (reptiles, mammals, amphibians)  


Write your notes as bullet points NOT full sentences!


  • Horses/ originate/ North America/ 60 million years ago


Although we set this as a homework a couple of weeks ago, it was done pretty half-heartedly and many of you have struggled to write about your animal in lessons. 

If possible, we suggest you carry out your research before Tuesday, because it will support your writing throughout lessons. 

Optional table for recording your notes:

30th April - 5th May


You now know where and when Ancient Greece happened.

We would like you to record 3-5 questions that you have about Ancient Greece/Greeks. 
What do you really want to know? What do you want us to explore? 

Once we have discussed your questions as a class, Miss Mugleston will gather them up and try her best to base some of this term's investigations around your questions. 

We look forward to hearing them! 

Example of a high quality question: 'How significant is the legacy of Ancient Greece for life today?'


On Tuesday, we are revising how to use apostrophes correctly. 

To feel super confident on Tuesday, we suggest you do this before the lesson if you can!

Please go to where you have been assigned two tasks. 

One task is 'Apostrophes for contraction' and one is 'Apostrophes for possession'. 

Your login details should be stuck in your reading records. 


If you have been set a different task, your teacher has done this intentionally :) 



We are now coming to the end of our learning of the 'shun' words. 

Please use a range of strategies to learn the following 15 words, ready to be tested on Wednesday. We have chosen these words, because they are fantastic vocabulary for our information writing. 



  • interaction 
  • description
  • attraction
  • suggestion
  • position



  • intrusion
  • confusion
  • conclusion
  • vision
  • decision



  • impression
  • profession
  • expression
  • aggression
  • compassion



Suggested strategies: 

-Look, cover, write and check 

-Write the word at least 5 times to get used to the shape and look of the word

-Writing the 'shun' grapheme in the word in a different colour   interaction

-Chunking the words in syllables and practice saying it aloud  in  ter  ac  tion


Online games (won't be specific to the spelling list given, but good practice):

Maybe you can explore and find other useful resources. We would love for you to share them if you do! :) 

Homework 23rd April - Wednesday 28th April 


Please watch some kind of informative video, such as a documentary or Youtube clip on the animal that you wrote about in your elicitation task. 

As you are watching, take FACTUAL notes on what you learn about your chosen animal. 

For example: Sloths are three times stronger than the average human. 

Try and put your notes into sections or categories if you can- for example: where they live, what they eat, their hunting habits, extinction etc. Please do this in your homework book! We will be using these notes during our English lessons, so more the better! :) 



This weeks maths homework is linked to the properties of 3D shapes. There are a selection of 3D shapes and you must match them to their correct properties. These can be printed and stuck into your books, or you can simply write the name of the shape and its property next to it. 

Super maths:

Find below a selection of different shapes. It is your challenge to fin items around your house, that are the same/similar shape. You may want to use the internet and find some other items that you can think of, that match the shapes. You could take pictires and stick these into your books, or write and draw a list of the items you found. 


To practice your 'shun' words, you are going to play 'Who wants to be a millionaire?' 

Please click on the PowerPoint and go to 'full screen' to play. Have fun! 



Here are some ‘shun’ rules:


•If the root word ends with 'c' or 'cs' use the -cian suffix: magic - magician


•When the root word ends with 'd' or 'se' the suffix used is usually -sion: expand - expansion


•If the root word ends with 't' or 'te' use -tion: invent - invention


•Words ending in ‘te’ drop the ‘e’ and add –ion: relate – relation


•Words ending in ‘ess’, usually add just –ion: express - expression

Homework due Wednesday 21st April 


As explained on the last day of term, your English homework is set on Literacy Planet. 

Click on the link and login using the details given to you on the last day. 

Your 'assigned' tasks will then pop up for you to complete. 


 Your homework this week is to complete two tasks set on My Maths.      


Go to:

Username: southmead 

Password: angles37 


Then type in your individual login details, that were stuck into your reading records last term. If you have lost this, please email your class teacher and they will try to get back to you as soon as they can. 

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