Year Four

Welcome to Year 4. To support your child's learning, we have collated a range of learning tasks your child can access with and without parental support. If you do not have access to a printer, you can just view the documents and write answers. There is no requirement to print!

In addition to the learning tasks below, there are a number of education websites and online education providers that are offering a wide range of free learning resources across all subjects and age ranges. Please look at their sites for free codes and logins. Recommended sites include: offer code: CVDTWINKLHELPS and

Weekly tasks

w/c 13th July 2020

Online learning games & resources your child has access to:


Please complete the daily task and also logon to Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars at least twice a week.

Task 1: Complete your normal worksheet after you have worked through the PowerPoint.

Task 2: Complete your normal worksheet after you have worked through the PowerPoint.

Task 3: Complete your normal worksheet after you have worked through the PowerPoint.

Task 4: Complete the mental workout on page 13.

Children should have their logins on the back of their reading records. If not, please email the office if their teacher is not available and these can be given to you.


In Year 4, your child's aim is to know all their times table and division facts as fast as possible.


It uses the same login as TT Rockstars


Task 5: Spend time on Soundcheck on Times Tables Rockstars


Please complete the daily task.

English Task 1 - Anglo Saxon riddles. Read through each riddle and try to work out what it is describing.

Numbots is a fantastic maths app which supports addition and subtraction! You can download onto tablets, phones and ipads. Once logged in, children can play & develop their maths skills independently. 

Click the image to go to the site!

English Task 2 - Plan your own riddle using the planning sheet to help you consider different aspects of your chosen 'item'. HINT: If you're struggling perhaps choose an animal.


Mathletics offers structured step by step instructions of Year 4 maths targets. 

Click the image to go to the site!


Letter Join is an online tool which can model and support your child's handwriting development. 

Click the image to go to the site!

Click on this guide for steps to access Letter Join from a computer, tablet or iPad at home.


Flipgrid is a controlled online video sharing portal. We will be setting a task each week for you to complete!

Click the image to go to the site!

Please complete the two comprehension tasks within the week and continue to read daily.

Here is a link to the 50 recommended reads for Year 4:

Flipgrid 'How to' help video

Click play to watch the video!

Task 1: Usain Bolt Biography. Read the text and answer the questions as fully as possible. (There are answers you can use to check your work once it is complete and you can choose your difficulty)

Task 2: The Wimbledon Championships. Read the text and answer the questions as fully as possible. (There are answers you can use to check your work once it is complete and you can choose your difficulty)

English Task 3 - Using your riddle planning sheet, write up your riddle in neat. Please write it in your best joined handwriting. We'd love to see your final copy on FlipGrid or emailed to the class email address: OR

English Task 4 - complete the 3 spelling practise pages and then complete the maze as a reward :)

English Task 5 - complete the fun activities for the spelling list provided.

Wider curriculum

Topic Task 1 - Work through the powerpoint on the geography of The British Isles. Complete the labelling task on the blank map provided.

Art task 1 - As this is your last Art lesson in Year 4, we would like for you to let your creativity flow. Produce a piece of artwork that celebrates your time in Dolphin/Porpoise class. You can use any resources or techniques that you would like. You might want to produce a collage, a sculpture, a painting etc.


We would love to see pictures of your creations at:     OR

Whilst schools are closed, phonics play are offering free access to parents & carers. This is a great site to support your child's language development.

Click the image to go to the site!

Click here to open the Year 4 Southmead Calculation Policy


Whilst schools are closed, white rose maths, which we follows as a school are offering free home learning and resources.

Click the image to go to the site!


Flipgrid logo trans.jpg

Whilst schools are closed, Real PE, which we follow as a school are offering free access to home PE activities.

The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password: southmeadp


Log onto your Science Flipgrid to see the activities that Dr Corney has set for you on the topic of animal diets:

Use this Flip Code smscienceyr4 and your Mathletics login as your Student ID. Please email/call if you do not know your login.

Here is the template for a Marine food chain mobile which you can make at home!

Use this 'knowledge organiser' to recap and review all of the learning in our 'Digestion & diet unit', looking at what and how humans and animals eat.

It contains lots of useful information: use it to test how much you know: get an adult to ask you questions about your learning!

Did you know: there are at least 40 STEM activities on the Science Flipgrid, too!


Travel to Tokyo P.E. Activities


We are delighted to provide you with a link to some new and exciting PE activities that are fun and easy to do at home either inside or in the garden.



TIME REQUIRED: 10-30 minutes
EQUIPMENT: Simple household items including balls, clothing and pens



This home learning pack includes lots of free, downloadable ideas to get active at home as a family.

The pack is a compilation of our existing Travel to Tokyo resources and includes:

  • Tokyo Tens – ten-minute activities you can fit into your day.

  • Active Challenges – longer-form activities that last around 30 minutes.

  • Holiday Activity Pack – this holiday activity pack includes lots of free, downloadable ideas to get active indoors or in the garden at home as a family.

You can also log any activity you do for a chance to win some great prizes!


Please click here for access.  


Don't stop being active!


Over the last few weeks, we have looked at journeys in different religions. I would like you to think about important journeys in life. 


Can you create a guidebook to the journey of life? Include information about:

  •  Who can help you on your life journey?

  • What makes you safe on your journey?

  • What guidance can you choose to follow?

  • How can you make sure you see the best bits?

Weekly tasks

w/c 20th July 2020

Maths Mysteries

Remembering Year 4

Word Searches



For the last three days you have a range of fun activities to complete. We hope you all have an amazing summer break and make sure you pop into see us when you return in September!

From Mr Short & Mrs Da Silva 

Year 4 learning resources

Reading Comprehension

Maths Guide Book

English Writing


Maths Worksheets


Mental Maths

Maths Workout


Spelling practise

Fun ways to practise spellings

Spellings your child should know by Year 3

Spellings your child should know by end of Year 4

Extension spellings

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