Year Six

Welcome to Year 6. To support your child's learning, we have collated a range of learning tasks your child can access with and without parental support. If you do not have access to a printer, you can just view the documents and write answers. There is no requirement to print!

In addition to the learning tasks below, there are a number of education websites and online education providers that are offering a wide range of free learning resources across all subjects and age ranges. Please look at their sites for free codes and logins. Recommended sites include: offer code: CVDTWINKLHELPS and

For the Easter break we thought you may like to take up some fun challenges. This is not homework that you have to do this but are just ideas of things that could keep you busy. 

During this time please keep posting on Flipgrid, whether it is to say hello to each other, show us what you are getting up to or to ask for help with work. It is proving to be a great way for you to keep in touch with each other - so keep it up!

Happy Easter everyone!



       Read the text on rainforests and answer the                    questions carefully. 

       Next week the answers will be posted for you to              mark your own work. 


       Read Chapters 23, 24 and 25 of Skellig. Then                    complete the questions and reading activities on            those chapters that you have read. 

       Complete your class work on The Secret Garden              - all information is in the attached document. 

Writing and SPAG

       Make a set of Top Trump cards. Challenge someone in        your house to a game of Top Trumps. Keep a running        tally to show who wins the game each time you play.          Find out who is the Top Trumps Grammar Champion          in you house. Click here for instructions. 

       Read the powerpoint presentation and follow the                instructions. Your task is to write a short story about          an explosion in a cake factory. This story can be set in        the past, present or future tense. Once you                          have written your story, practise reading it aloud.                When you are ready, record yourself reading your                story on Flipgrid with lots of expression. We are                  looking forward to hearing all of your stories. 

Online learning games & resources your child has access to:

Children should have their logins on the back of their reading records. If not, please email the office if their teacher is not available and these can be given to you.


In Year 6, your child's aim is to know all their timestable and division facts as fast as possible.

Flipgrid is a controlled online video sharing portal. We will be setting tasks each week for your child to complete. Log in details and passwords are required. Your child may have this information already, if not, an email will be sent out shortly.

Click the image to go to the site!


Mathletics offers structured step by step instructions of Year 6 maths targets. 

Click the image to go to the site!


BBC Bitesize has some great learning videos and resources. These are great revision tools and can be useful if a child is stuck. 

Click the image to go to the site!

Whilst schools are closed, White Rose Maths, which we follow as a school, are offering free home learning and resources.

Click the image to go to the site!

Flipgrid 'How to' help video.

Click play to watch the video!

Maths logic and reasoning puzzles

Word puzzles and riddles



PE challenges

As we are not at school but only at home, it is sometimes difficult to get enough exercise. Think of a PE challenge that you could do and demonstrate to others. Ask someone to film you doing it and put it onto flip grid. It could be a fitness challenge for inside your house or for outside in your garden, you can choose. Perhaps you could post an indoor and an outdoor fitness challenge. Please post only two. We look forward to trying out some of your ideas. 

Here are lots of puzzles - similar to ones we have had a go at in class. There are lots here - we are not expecting you to do them all! You may like to have a go at a few. The stars on the slides show how difficult the problem is. Remember to look at the problems closely...they may not be as easy as they look! Solutions will be posted here next week. 

Click here for a PDF version

You could keep working on your Scratch projects. They are looking really good so far! Well done to those people who are using the help sheets and then posting videos on Flipgrid when they are stuck and need help.  

Look at the PowerPoint and try the different puzzles. I will post the answers to the riddles after the holidays, so if you know them or can work them out please don’t share them on flip grid. Let’s get everyone thinking and puzzling.  

Click here for a PDF version

As always you should be reading every day. Please make sure you continue to do so.


In Peregrines class please read chapter 13 and 14 of

The Secret Garden (use the same link as before).


In Ravens class read chapters 26, 27 and 28.



Also continue to read and think about your own home reading book. We will be asking you about these after the holiday. 

Weekly tasks

w/c 23rd March 2020  (Last week)

All of your tasks for the week are linked below or are on Flipgrid. Remember that you can use Flipgrid to get in touch with us, if you are finding something tricky. Just post a video on the 'Hello' grid and we'll do what we can to help you. You should not need to print any of these resources  out - you just need to be able to look at them.  

Wider Curriculum

  • Art Task

      Complete your own piece of art involving plants - just         like we have been doing in class. You may look at a             single leaf, a whole plant or lots of plants. This work           could be a drawing, a painting, a collage - in fact you           can use any materials that you want. If you want to             push yourself, try completing your art work in the               style of an artist that we looked at such as Angie                 Lewin. Once you've completed your art work post it on       Flipgrid for us all to admire. 

  • Science Task

      Log on to your Science Flipgrid to see the task that Dr         Corney has set for you on the topic of changing                   materials.  

  • Computing Task

      Continue to work on your Scratch games. We are not         expecting you to finish them - just to add a bit more to       them. Try to complete one more task such as                       switching between levels or getting your 'evil'                       characters working. 


      Remember if you are having trouble saving, give it half       an hour and come back later - your computing partner       (who has the same login) is probably logged in. If you         are having trouble with your game, remember to leave       a note in the instructions box on the profile page and         Miss K will try and help. 


Whilst schools are closed, Real PE, which we follow as a school are offering free access to home PE activities.

The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password: southmeadp


We know that you are brilliant Year 6 and we look forward to seeing all the brilliant work you create during this time off. Please take care of yourselves and we look forward to seeing you when we come back!

From the Year 6 team

(Mrs Spear, Miss K, Dr Corney, Mrs Fallowfield and Mrs Baker)

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