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Schools are always been reminded of the importance of 'good' attendance. The Government has instructed schools of higher expectations for attendance with at least 96.4% average attendance across the school. We know that parents, children and the school need to work together in regards to attendance. If a child is not in school, they cannot learn, meaning they cannot reach their full potential.  Whilst we understand children do contract illnesses, and some have greater medical needs, and will discuss these as a private matter, we must now draw our attention to the day-to-day absences, including appointments.  We would like to thank you for your support and engagement. We only want the best for your child and want to work with you to ensure that your child is present as much as possible to achieve the best that they can be!


We want to work with you and your children to ensure we reach at least the Government target.


Children must be in full-time education by the start of the term following their fifth birthday.  However, it is beneficial for children to be in school as much as possible from the start of term following their fourth birthday. 


If a pupil is poorly and will not be in school, parents / carers should inform the office by 8.50 a.m.  We have a dedicated phone line for absences where parents / carers can leave a message if the call is made out of office hours.  Parents / carers should phone every day their child is absent, unless they have had sickness and diarrhoea when it is Southmead school policy for pupils to be absent from school for 48 hours after the last bout of being poorly.  This is to reduce the spread of germs to the rest of the children, as per NHS advice.

Attendance and Absence
If pupils are going to be absent for any reason during the school day Parents / Carers should collect an absence form (appendix one) or medical appointment absence form (appendix two) from the office.  Please allow 2 weeks for the absence to be authorised before the child is taken out of school.

It is important for children to attend school regularly as it has been proven that children can only do their best and flourish at school if they are present on a regular basis.  Children who are late for school and who miss school, often achieve less well than their peers. They also lack self esteem and find it difficult to build and maintain friendships.   


The school has a duty to monitor children’s attendance. It is a priority issue for Ofsted and it is the school’s duty to keep abreast of any circumstances that mean children are not in school. Any holiday requests are only authorised if there are exceptional circumstances.  If children are taken on holiday in term time, without the prior approval of the school, Parents / Carers are liable for a financial penalty and in extreme cases there are legal implications for parents who do not act within the law.

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