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Southmead Primary School

Headteacher: Mr Nicholas Plumb

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Mrs Spear is ourWriting Lead.

At Southmead Primary School pupils are provided with many opportunities to develop their writing across the curriculum, to communicate effectively and to become confident, creative, fluent writers.


We endeavour that every child will leave Southmead Primary School with the skills and confidence of an effective writer, developing the skills they will need to apply their writing in the wider curriculum and in their daily lives.

Children will develop their writing skills through writing for a real purpose and audience, sharing their writing both within our school and the wider community.


Quality texts of different genre and by a wide range of authors are used to inspire pupils, to challenge children’s understanding of vocabulary and style and to enable them to create their own pieces.

At Southmead Primary School we aim that:


  • Children will become motivated to write.
  • Children will be able to make decisions about their writing and to discuss their writing with others.
  • Children will be able to explain their stylistic and vocabulary choices and the impact their writing has on their reader.
  • Children will become careful proof readers and editors of their own work and that of their peers, understanding that all writers use this process to develop their writing.
  • Children will use a neat and fluent joined handwriting style and opportunities will be given to redraft and present work in a variety of ways so that all children can take pride in their achievements in writing.
  • Children will develop their skills of writing accuracy, using grammar, punctuation and spelling skills effectively in their writing.
  • Children will develop their writing stamina.

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  • Hawking 745
  • Malala 741
  • Key Stage 1: 95%
  • Key Stage 2: 91%
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