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Southmead Primary School

Headteacher: Mr Nicholas Plumb

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Mrs Dupuy is our EYFS Lead.

In the Early Years unit here in Southmead Primary School, we develop children’s knowledge, understanding and skills through a mixture of adult-led and child-initiated learning, with guided group activities and independent play. Our continuous provision and thematic learning environments provide a place for our children to learn through discovery and to play safely and healthily. We endeavour to develop their knowledge and skills, ensure they become school ready and start on a journey of lifelong learning. Our resources are carefully chosen to be as supportive as though an additional adult was guiding them to their next steps of learning. We provide a ladder of small, achievable steps to reach their early learning goals. We use ‘Development Matters’ documentation as a guide to choosing the skills our children need develop, and we work to support each child individually with their needs. There are seven areas of learning including prime areas, which we cover in a way that best supports each cohort.

Assessment and Observations.

  • We use ‘Evidence Me’ to collect photos and quotes of the children demonstrating an application of knowledge. This is an online platform that allows parental communication through technology. It provides a half-termly overview of learning and progression for parents to see.
  • Writing displays comparing current best work: ‘A picture of progress’.
  • Literacy Planet’ online, fun, phonics games that support individual children’s phonics learning. Staff are able to see reports of interaction and achievements.
  • A half-termly phonics assessment is a one-to-one activity that monitors every child’s progress and showcases their learning and skills.
  • Notice and focus observations.

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House Points
  • Farah 654
  • Watson 689
  • Hawking 745
  • Malala 741
  • Key Stage 1: 95%
  • Key Stage 2: 91%
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