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Underpins all of our School Values here at Southmead.

Year 4 Porpoises and Dolphins

Year 4

Porpoises and Dolphins

Welcome to the Year 4 page!

Here, you can find out all the latest information and some home learning tasks.


Parent/ carers: If you have any questions, queries or comments about Year 4, please catch us on the playground, or email the school office at: and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible, within normal working hours. 


A reminder to parents, please check that items are named - we have had a few jumpers mixed up recently. If you find a jumper at home for someone else, please send it in to school so it can be returned. Many thanks!

Welcome to Year 4 - Parent Meeting and Information for 2023-2024

Calling all basketball fans!

Year 5 Visit - 28th March 2024

We were lucky to be visited by our friends in Year 5 today to hear some of the writing they have been working on. Well done, Year 5!

Windfarm Trip - 27th March 2024

We had an amazing time learning about sustainability in Geography this term. To finish our unit, we visited a windfarm in our area. Check out the images below.

World Book Day 2024

We have had such a whale of a time, this world book day. Our students have come in with wonderful costumes; whether it be as their favourite characters, or even as book readers from this world. We know Southmead students have a passion for reading all year around and it was wonderful to celebrate that fact today.


Southmead v Kingsacre - Girls Football Friendly 

As match day approached, the Southmead football girls were feeling excited and confident and this did not alter one bit throughout the games on Thursday night. Their faces were full of enjoyment and determination which was witnessed by a supportive parental crowd. The sun was shining and the atmosphere was buzzing.  As it was a friendly, the teams were all mixed up, needless to say Southmead looked strong! 


Thank you to the additional Year 3, 4 and 5 students who have been coming along to training to support our Year 3 and 4 qualifying team. The team are off to Kingsley for the next round on Wednesday 7th Feb. I am sure you’ll join me in wishing them all the best, if they win they could get to the county finals! 


A special thanks, for supporting the qualifying team, goes out to - 

Maicie A

Sophie T

Esme J


Charlotte Y

They would not be as challenged at training if it wasn’t for you all. Thank you. 


A fantastic display of school values, girls. Well done! 

Year 4 - Shared Reading - February 2024

We were delighted to meet up with our Year 2s to share some of our final pieces of writing about monsters. We had based our writing on Mimi and the Mountain Dragon and they were thrilled to share their writing on dragons as well.

Year 4 - Exmoor Zoo Visit - February 2024

In preparation for our next unit of writing, we were absolutely delighted to welcome Exmoor Zoo for a visit today. The amazing zoo keeper taught us all kinds of facts about intriguing animals and we were even able to handle some of the animals.
Check out some of the fun facts we learnt:
- The longest snake found was 11 metres (check out the photo of the snake skins lined up to see how long this is!)

- Spiders cannot breathe when they move! If you see a spider scuttling across your floor and it stops - it's taking a breather!

- Praying mantis are able to sense bats' echo location and use this to escape being eaten.

Year 4 Carol Service at St Brannock's

We had a wonderful time with Years 5 and 6, singing traditional carols at St Brannock's church. Our Year 4 students sang

beautifully, told us information about Christmas and polished off the event with We Wish You a Merry Christmas as a round. We are so proud of the hard work they put into their performance and would like to thank St Brannock's for hosting us and thank everyone who came to support our students on the day.

Year 4 Basketball Festival - November 2023

We had a wonderful time at Braunton Academy, learning all about basketball. We practised shooting hoops, passing to other players, dribbling and even had a few games together! Thank you, Braunton Academy!

Year 4 - Ancient Egypt Day -  November 2023

We have had an amazing time as pharoahs, mummies, ancient deities and modern day egyptologists, taking part in a range of activities. We have completed code-breaking some hieroglyphs with "Howard Carter", made ancient egyptian sweets, decorated our own pectoral collars and built pyramids - and that was just the morning! In the afternoon, we mummified tomatoes! 

Year 4 Trip to Exeter Museum - November 2023

We are so proud of our Year 4s. This week, we visited Exeter Museum to further develop our knowledge on Ancient Egypt. They were very well behaved and polite to members of the museum team and they shared an incredible amount of knowledge that they had learnt with us in school. We were bowled over by how much they remembered! 


One student said, "Seeing the actual mummy they found really made me feel excited" and another has already expressed an interest in taking up Egyptology at university when they grow up.


Our hands-on learning included; mummifying a body (removing organs and preparing it for the afterlife), exploring the museum, having a guided tour of the artefacts relating to Ancient Egypt, handling artefacts with our archaeologist minds engaged and even playing an Ancient Egyptian game - Sennet!

Times Table Meeting

The slides from our meeting are attached below. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us. Click the link below to access some resources to support your child with learning their times tables. 

Residential Information 

  It's important to know how to stay safe online.

For child friendly online safety games and parent support please click here


                Home learning in case you need to isolate at home

Please find 1 day's worth of home learning if you are well enough.

Reading Comprehension - Spring      


There are three levels, please choose the level that you feel suits you best (a little challenging but not too tricky)



Spelling practise at home can often be challenging. Why not try using a multi-sensory approach! Try making the spellings using play dough, using coloured pens, using toys to make the shape of the letters or even during baking with flour! Rap, sing or link spellings to stories and shapes.


Supporting spelling practice




Our whole expectation is that children will read at home at least 3 times per week, this can be to an adult or independently. Below are some ideas to help support you at home with reading and questioning your child. 


Supporting reading at home

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