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Underpins all of our School Values here at Southmead.


7.1.22 Today Grey Seals were measuring the perimeter of objects around the classroom

7.1.22 - In PE with Mrs Priddis Otters class had to work in teams to cross an imaginary river with only 5 pieces of equipment. They had to use communication skills and balance to get across without falling in!

7.1.22 - Otters class were measuring perimeters using rulers and metre sticks today.

17.12.21 Time To Shine Assembly

Southmead Primary School Year 2 Christmas Concert 2021

Southmead Primary Year 1 Christmas Songs 2021

Southmead Primary School EYFS Christmas Sing a long 2021

16.12.21 Some of our Year 1 pupils in their Nativity Play

15.12.21 Here's the second of our Christmas Dinner Days, this time for KS1. Everyone has said it was the best school Christmas Dinner yet - staff and pupils alike. Well done Kitchen and Dinner Hall team.

15.12.21 One of this week's Wake n Shake classes with Mrs Vella

15.12.21 Lucas in Year Two was dressed as a Christmas present today!

14.12.21 KS2 Troopers lunchtime Club

14.12.21 Today was our first Christmas Dinner Day. Thank you to the staff for making the hall look so wonderful.

14.12.21 Year 3 pupils took part in the Christingle at St Brannock's church today.

14.12.21 - Year 5 English - We wrote the first draft of our biography about Chris Pearce, the mountaineer who visited school last week.

Year 6 Ravens class with a festive tune that they've learnt to play during whole class trumpet lessons.

Still image for this video

10.12.21 Christmas Jumper Day 2021

10.12.21 More KS2 Maths Yr 3 - Some more numberless problems today. We used pictograms and bar charts to make and solve questions and we have decorated our cookies Yr 6 - decorating their biscuits as part of our maths project this week and took their biscuits home to “finally” eat. Hopefully they’ve been telling you all about their maths project this week. There are some pictures of Dolphins Class and Year 5 pupils too.

9.12.21 Otters class - Today's art lesson. We are carrying on with learning about Claude Monet. Referring back to understanding mixing, brushstrokes, light and contrasting colours.

9.12.21 Today's Numberless Bakery Maths Problem across KS2

8.12.21 More photos from the KS2 Bakery Maths Challenge

8.12.21 Year 5 had a visitor today. He was a mountaineering expert.

7.12.21 The Year 6 children (alongside the rest of KS2) got started tackling their numberless problems - their maths theme for this week. They were all very excited to hear that we are now a ‘bakery’ and that we are going to be making some tasty treats as part of our maths this week.

3.12.21 Today's science lesson with Mrs Priddis in Otters! Lots of fun as we added bicarbonate of soda and baking powder to vinegar. We measured how much the balloon inflated with different variables such as volume of solvent, warmer temperature and amount of solute.

1.12.21 Father Christmas left Y1 a special letter. One of his reindeers has escaped and we had to make missing posters to help find the reindeer. Next we’ll be designing a trap or trick to catch the reindeer.

30.11.21 Grey Seals in Year 5 doing some science with Dr Corney.


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29.11.21 Last week EYFS were really enjoying learning about Space in Literacy and topic sessions.

29.11.21 Here are this week's Golden Table winners. Well Done.

24.11.21 Last week's Golden Table winners.

24.11.21 Ravens class went on their trip to Braunton museum looking at all things WW2, yesterday. Peregrines class went on Monday.

19.11.21 most improved Times Table Rockstars. Maicee improved the most in Year 6, Lola improved the most in Year 5 and Teddy improved the most in Year 4. AND top scorers on Times Table Rockstars from the last 2 weeks. They had some very impressive scores: Harry (3443 correct), Brody (2910 correct), Daniel (2321 correct), Cara (2207 correct) and Neo (1915 correct). Well done!

19.11.21 Introducing our Southmead Times Table Rock Heroes... This means these children can now answer any times table question accurately in less than a second! Well done Baker, Theo and Marley.

19.11.21 Year 2 pupils went on an outdoor treasure hunt to practise their reading of words with split digraphs.

18.11.21 Year 5 children read timetables to complete a journey to Mount Snowdon. Magnificent Mountains is Year 5's current topic.

18.11.21 Mr Braunton our Premises Officer was really touched to receive this note that Josh in Otters wrote to him.

18.11.21 Our Year 5s were learning about Coding today in ICT.

17.11.21 Year 4 Dolphins visited Exeter Museum and had a great time learning new things

16.11.21 Max wins Adaptive Surfer of the Year!

Max went to Bristol to an awards ceremony for the Wave Project. He was nominated for Adaptive Surfer of the Year and won. He received an amazing trophy! BBC ...

16.11.21 EYFS created a friendship web through a discussion about liking the same things and different things to other pupils. They had fun seeing and feeling how they were connected together.

16.11.21 In Year 5 art this week we have been learning about the key features of Impressionism. we have painted over a picture by Monet focussing on blending colours, brushstrokes and working quickly.

16.11.21 Last week's Golden Table award winners

16.11.21 This week the children in Porpoises learnt about perimeter. They actually got to draw on their tables and work out the perimeter of their table design. Great fun and excitement and enjoyment from all!

15.11.21 Here are some photos from a recent Bananagrams club

15.11.21 This week Yr 2 did some exploring.

12.11.21 Year 6 have been solving a long division escape room today. They loved it!

11.11.21 Our children and staff commemorated Armistice Day today. We had Remembrance Silence in our playground, Year 5 Otters took time out today to make seeded paper poppies. Using wet recycled paper we put poppy seeds inside them so they can be planted straight into the ground once dry and some of our Pupils went to the Remembrance Event in the village with Mr Plumb.

9.11.21 Here is one of our Year 3 classes - Curlews - discussing poo! Like archaeologists in the Iron Age.

8.11.21 Ravens Class did some Science with Dr Corney

8.11.21 EYFS have had fun last week creating fireworks in their Numeracy sessions.

2.11.21 Here's our Curlew's class doing some exercise.

21.10.21 Dolphins Class enjoying one of their writing lessons last week

20.10.21 Year 1 are finding out about bats in our science and English lessons. Here are some photos of them creating bats in art too.

18.10.21 EYFS pupils enjoyed drawing vegetables

17.10.21 Reading outside with Year 2 pupils

18.10.21 Grey Seals in their RE lesson with Miss Mugleston.

18.10.21 Last week Year 3 did a practical piece of work as part of their Instructional Writing.

16.10.21 Dolphins class learning English grammar.

Mr Plumb taught Science in Curlews' Class this week.

12.10.21 EYFS growing things and learning about mini beasts in our garden

8.10.21 Yr 5 pupils enjoying their trumpet lesson

6.10.21 Year 3 were learning about their topic - the stone age. They were making stone - age style weapons.

Time for reflection!

Last ween Year 6 were applying their understanding of Light and it's properties to solve a criminal investigation!

When we were investigating reflection, we revisited some simple activities which helped to remind us about the way in which mirrors work and why they are so useful. We discovered that Mirror mazes (where you navigate by looking at a reflection) were hard to finish, because the reflection is backwards and upside down; mirror hinges allowed us to see lots of reflected reflections (making some lovely patterns) and mirror writing allowed us to write in secret code, just like the great inventor and artist, Leonardo Da Vinci!

And then we used our understanding to solve a mystery involving a periscope, or at least to eliminate a suspect from our ongoing enquiries!

29.9.21 Here are some Year 5 pupils with Miss Froggatt and Mrs Waters making - and enjoying - hummus

28.9.21 Here are some Year 3 pupils in their PE lesson

26.9.21 Look at the wonderful flowerpots people have submitted for our Flowerpot Competition.

24.9.21 Here are some KS2 pupils listening to Mr Plumb's assembly on Friday

24.9.21 We are working hard to improve our school grounds. You may have seen paths clearer, new flowerpots, flowers around the school, patios cleaned, new RESPECT signs put up etc. If you have any suggestions of how we can improve things further, please let one of our team know on the gate.

23.9.21 Here are some Year 4 pupils testing each other in an English lesson.

22.9.21 Here are some of our Year 6 pupils working together on their maths lesson.