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Southmead Primary School

Headteacher: Mr Nicholas Plumb

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Underpins all of our School Values here at Southmead.

Year 1 Shrimps and Periwinkles

Welcome to Year One

In Shrimps class, we are taught by Mrs Dupuy.
In Periwinkles, we are taught by Miss Williams.
We are also lucky to have:
Mrs Matthews
Mrs Scott
Mrs Sharpe
Mrs Weston
Miss Wyles
Mrs Priddis


Our PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays.



Our PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays.



Homework will be given out on Fridays and will contain a literacy and mathematics tasks as well as reading books. There will be one reading book that is for decoding (based on class learning that week) and one for pleasure to read and enjoy with your child.



What is my Class like?

Year 1 Homework – 18th November 2022


In Phonics, we have learnt 2 new alternatives.

 y- baby, city, lolly

al- walk, ball, tall

We have also reviewed all of Phase 5 and applied this to our reading and writing. The children have been writing sentences and applying their knowledge of all their phonemes. We have been extending these sentences with the conjunction ‘and’, ensuring that the extension is related to the subject. 

We have two Phonics activities. 

  1. Please match the picture to the word. When you have completed this activity, have a go at writing the words out. 
  2. We have created a board game revising all of the Phase 5 sounds this half of term. Roll a dice and move the counters along the board. When you land on a new word, have a go at sounding out the word. 


This week, we would love for you to revise some of the bits we have been working on this term. 

We are sending home a sheet with a range of activities on it to practise, including counting, addition and subtraction, more and less, number statements, number lines, worded problems and sequences.


As noted above, we will be sending books (one to read together and one/two online - one looking at the sounds we have used in class and another to build their confidence with previously taught sounds). 

Please do not click “I have finished the book” on the online books until the end of the week - otherwise you will not be able to read it again during the week!

We look forward to logging in and seeing that you have read the books so we can ask you what you thought of them!

Please make sure that reading books and reading records are brought in daily so that when we read with your child we can put this in the reading record.



Phonics Pronunciation 

We appreciate that some parents may be new to the sounds used in phonics.


As noted by Miss Wyles in our parent meeting to discuss the Essential Letters and Sounds programme, it is very important to avoid adding sounds such as "uh" (this is called a schwa) when using phonics.


Oxford Owl, who produce Essential Letters and Sounds, have a great video on pure sounds phonic pronunciation which you can watch by clicking here.


Please note, phase 5 of phonics makes use of some alternative sounds so the video uses "ou" as "soup" but this can also be used as "ou" as in "cloud".

Reading and Writing Year 1

Practical maths and phonics activities

Number of the Day

Online Safety

Keeping your children safe online is important. 


For child friendly online safety games and parent support please click here

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