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Underpins all of our School Values here at Southmead.

Gallery 2021 2022

Penultimate Week at Southmead (Summer 2022)

Events at Southmead w / c 4th July 2022


Year 2 Walk to Velator 1.7.22


Year 2 were excited this morning to take a walk to Velator and enjoyed admiring the boats and the beautiful scenery. They all behaved wonderfully and luckily the weather was kind to us!

Events at Southmead this week w/c 20.6.22


This Week at Southmead w/c 13.6.2022.


This week at Southmead 6.6 - 10.6.22.mp4

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This Week At Southmead (w/c 23rd May 2022)



May 20, 2022.mp4

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16.5.22 Last week EYFS learnt about Scarf Juggling

16.5.22 Last week Year 6 enjoyed their Art lesson

16.5.22 Last week Year 5 learnt lots in their PSCH lesson and enjoyed their Rounders PE lesson.

16.5.22 Last week we had some new PE bars installed, new EYFS literacy sheds and Year 4 enjoyed their History lesson.

16.5.22 Last week at Southmead

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Eco Reps The KS2 Class Eco Reps were out re-wilding and increasing biodiversity last Wednesday afternoon. This month school received 100 seed balls from the BBC Green Planet initiative. Each clay and chilly powder ball contained approximately 30 wildflower seeds. The children carefully spaced them out on the cleared ground around the new forest school circle, next to the allotment. After watering each ball into a nice soggy puddle, the children helped to top up the new pond, which is wiggling with tadpoles. Well done team! (Donations of pond plants would be gratefully received.) We are currently 1 point of our Sliver Award!!

5.5.22 On Thursday Year 1 were given the opportunity to take part in a Cricket Festival at Braunton Cricket Club. The children learnt a range of cricket skills and had the chance to practise these new skills in small groups. They all had an amazing morning and the organisers commented on the children's brilliant listening skills and behaviour

25.4.22 Year 6 have learnt about blood groups with Dr Corney

English is Fun


This term, Year 3 have been learning about comic-strip explanation texts in English. In these pictures, they are helping dog, Marvin, and cat, Milo, to complete a balloon rocket experiment, and then explain the process. As you can see, they are really enjoying themselves!


7.4.22 Year 3 went to Braunton cricket Club and learnt about and played cricket.

7.4.22 Year 5 Otters did some baking with Mrs da Silva this morning. They made their own baskets too

7.4.22 Year 5 were working hard at writing up their final piece of English today.

5.4.22 - Easter celebrations: Easter Egg Hunt winners: KS1: Freddie S, Evie C and Harper S. KS2: Ghalia a D, Apencer P and Lani A

1.4.22 - Year 6 pupils planted some trees around our site.

22.3.2022 EYFS visit to Combe Martin Forest School

17.3.22 This week at Southmead

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11.3.22 Year 3 have been learning about archaeology and were lucky enough to have a look at some 'finds' from Dr Corney's garden!

10.3.22 - Year 5/6 North Devon Netball Finals

As a result of qualifying from the Braunton Learning Co-operative Trust’s Year 5/6 netball competition last month, a team of seven amazing netballers represented Southmead at the North Devon finals, held at The Park Community School.


All of their group games were very competitively fought, resulting in some very close matches. With the team members rotating around the different playing positions, all the players worked brilliantly as a team and scored some tremendous goals between them. Despite not achieving the results they were hoping for against three of the schools, their perseverance was incredible and they displayed fantastic sportsmanship towards all their opponents.


Although they didn’t qualify for the semi-finals, after lunch the team had the opportunity to play for a top ten place against Torrington Primary School. Their determination was evident from the outset and having learnt from their group games, they displayed excellent teamwork, winning the match 6-1.


What a brilliant way to finish the day! You should all be very proud of yourselves.


10.3.22 - Year 1 Multi-Skills Festival

Year 1 children took a trip to Braunton Academy for a morning of Multi-Skills fun. They took part in 11 different activities including hockey dribbling, bench bunny-hops, hoop-throwing and more. The children had permanent smiles on their faces,
behaved impeccably and put their all into every activity. Well done Year 1!

8.3.22 Last week Year 6 enjoyed working on ICT and Art.

8.3.22 Last week pupils learnt about mould and how bread is affected in different environments!

6.3.22 - Cross Country Stars

On Sunday 6th March some of our pupils took part in the N Devon Cross Country League Finals at West Buckland, competing against many other local children. As well as the final, they’ve all taken part in a number of runs throughout the season, showing real commitment and hard work. Their final positions in the league within their age groups are: Aimee B (15th), Amber B (7th), Arno W-D (24th), Finlay D (8th) and Josh J (15th). We are really proud of you all!



4.3.22 Last week Year 5 learnt about the lifecycle of plants and also how to plant African Violets

4.3.22 World Book Day at Southmead

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Today we have celebrated World Book Day and the children really enjoyed dressing as their favourite fictional characters. Here are just a few of their fabulous costumes. Thank you so much to all of our parents for your efforts and to the children for joining in.

4.3.2022 - Times Tables Tournament – This week years 3-4 and years 5-6 have been taking part in an inter-house competition, where 4 children from each house compete across different rounds to score points. In years 3-4, Malala won the competition, while Scarlett and Amelia won the Stars of the Competition award for their brilliant teamwork! Well done. Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a fun, competitive afternoon taking part in the Inter-House Times Tables Tournament. Displaying their Southmead values, they not only tried their best but were supportive of each other. The winning house was Farah (Mollie, Maicee, Maddie, Annie, Harry, Marley, Evie and Artie), while Cara and Theo won the Stars of the Competition awards for being great team players!

3.3.2022 - 13 pupils from Year 6 represented Southmead at the North Devon Indoor Athletics finals, held at the North Devon Leisure Centre, having qualified from the Trust’s qualifying event held last October. Competing against 10 other schools from across North Devon, they participated in six different events to test a range of athletic skills, including two sprint relay races, standing long jump, speed bounce, chest ball throw and vertical jump. Scores were cumulated across the events towards a final total. All pupils displayed incredible determination and perseverance throughout the competition and their support towards one another was outstanding!

Southmead finished in 5th place overall, which was a tremendous performance! Well done to you all! The Southmead community is very proud of you!

18.2.22 This half-term, Year 4 have been learning all about intriguing animals, and this week the children were very excited to meet some of the amazing creatures looked after by Exmoor Zoo.

9.2.22 Last week's maths lessons with Years 2 and 4.

8.2.22 Year 5 Pinkery Trip - The pupils took part in some nature and bushcraft activities and the children learnt all about how to make and safely extinguish fire - stop, drop and roll! They also got to toast their own marshmallows which they loved. We then walked to Pinkery Pond, where almost all of the children took on the challenge of going through the tunnel. It was pitch black and the water was high enough that they all left the tunnel with Wellie boots sloshing with water. On the way back, we had the opportunity to trek through the bogs and jump around on a ‘bouncing bog’- fortunately no wellies were lost, even though a few people did sink in up past their knees. The Exmoor National Park staff were very impressed by the children’s knowledge and behaviour throughout the trip. So many children said that this was ‘the best trip ever!’

2.2.22 Year 3 using arrays to spot patterns between multiplication facts

2.2.22 Yesterday, Otters have made great progress on their Viking Longship Cams! They have used acrylic paints to create detailed backgrounds featuring mountains and waves.

2.2.22 This week, EYFS made control panels / robot costumes out of recycled card, foil, choc trays and bottle tops!

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2.2.22 Last week, Year 3 made chocolate stones while learning about layers of the earth.

2.2.22 Last week, Porpoises learnt about food miles.

26.1.22 Year 5 created shapes in PE.

26.1.22 Last week year 6 did basketball with Mr Plumb.

26.1.22 Last week Year 3 learnt foreign languages

26.1.22 Ravens class learnt about classifications of sweets last week.

19.1.22 Last week Grey Seals creating Vector Drawings using Google Draw. They were using skills such as copying and pasting using the Ctrl C and Ctrl V method, resizing their shapes, changing the fill colour and sending shapes forward and back to get the correct layered order. We were able to create pigs, robots and trucks!

19.1.22 Last week Grey Seals acting out sections of the story ‘Beowulf’. The purpose of this was to become familiar with the story line, key events and characters. They really enjoyed this task

17.1.22 Grey Seals took part in a Real PE session. Mrs Chaplin came in and taught the children cognitive skills, such as: tactics, teamwork, dummying etc. and how they could use these to improve their ball skills. This afternoon, Mr Barret visited both Year 5 classes and we began our guitar sessions with him. We spent time learning the beginning of the riff from ‘Smoke on the water’.

7.1.22 Today Grey Seals were measuring the perimeter of objects around the classroom

7.1.22 - In PE with Mrs Priddis Otters class had to work in teams to cross an imaginary river with only 5 pieces of equipment. They had to use communication skills and balance to get across without falling in!

7.1.22 - Otters class were measuring perimeters using rulers and metre sticks today.

17.12.21 Time To Shine Assembly

Southmead Primary School Year 2 Christmas Concert 2021

Southmead Primary Year 1 Christmas Songs 2021

Southmead Primary School EYFS Christmas Sing a long 2021

16.12.21 Some of our Year 1 pupils in their Nativity Play

15.12.21 Here's the second of our Christmas Dinner Days, this time for KS1. Everyone has said it was the best school Christmas Dinner yet - staff and pupils alike. Well done Kitchen and Dinner Hall team.

15.12.21 One of this week's Wake n Shake classes with Mrs Vella

15.12.21 Lucas in Year Two was dressed as a Christmas present today!

14.12.21 KS2 Troopers lunchtime Club

14.12.21 Today was our first Christmas Dinner Day. Thank you to the staff for making the hall look so wonderful.

14.12.21 Year 3 pupils took part in the Christingle at St Brannock's church today.

14.12.21 - Year 5 English - We wrote the first draft of our biography about Chris Pearce, the mountaineer who visited school last week.

Year 6 Ravens class with a festive tune that they've learnt to play during whole class trumpet lessons.

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10.12.21 Christmas Jumper Day 2021

10.12.21 More KS2 Maths Yr 3 - Some more numberless problems today. We used pictograms and bar charts to make and solve questions and we have decorated our cookies Yr 6 - decorating their biscuits as part of our maths project this week and took their biscuits home to “finally” eat. Hopefully they’ve been telling you all about their maths project this week. There are some pictures of Dolphins Class and Year 5 pupils too.

9.12.21 Otters class - Today's art lesson. We are carrying on with learning about Claude Monet. Referring back to understanding mixing, brushstrokes, light and contrasting colours.

9.12.21 Today's Numberless Bakery Maths Problem across KS2