At Southmead we believe that children should experience and enjoy all sorts of music, participating in whole class ensemble teaching, singing in groups of different sizes and listening to and enjoying music of many different genres. Music is used to engage and inspire pupils, developing their love of music as well as musical talents. Music also develops self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement.


Within our curriculum, opportunities are provided for children to develop new skills with a variety of instruments. From year 1, children learn to read musical notation, to identify pitch and explore rhythm in music. In key stage 2 children are given the opportunity to learn to play simple pieces together using pitched instruments, such as the ocarina and the ukulele. They also work as a team to develop listening skills when producing whole class compositions using pitched percussion.


We have a rich variety of singing opportunities. All children sing in large ensemble groups. Singing is also used in school productions, such as the key stage 1 Christmas nativity and the year 6 end of year production. Our school choir provides the opportunity for children to take part in many different activities, both within school and in the learning community, working collaboratively with other local schools. The school choir have performed at different events, for example, singing alongside the military wives choir and performing in Exeter Cathedral. Our extra-curricular clubs include “sing and swing” and a beginners recorder group.


We also work with many local peripatetic teachers, so children are able to explore further tuition on individual instruments. We celebrate the children’s achievements with performances to both their peers and parents, encouraging children to share their musical talents and be proud of their individual accomplishments.

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