School Community


Southmead Primary school is a small part of a thriving village. Working in partnership with the following groups allows us to provide our children with a link into a working life and exposes them to the skills they will need to acquire to survive in the real world. It also opens their eyes to the opportunities there are for positive thinkers who want to make a contribution to their community in the future. Opportunities for our children to see the skills required in any job, even at this young age, gives them vision for their own future and informs them so they can make choices. It shows them that they have a responsibility to make their lives good and is a wonderful confidence builder.

We are always keen to be involved with the local community. We encourage our teachers to think creatively and to use our local resources to enrich our curriculum. This means we have regular visitors into school and regular visits out of school.

The Environment

We recognise that we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. Many holiday makers visit each year because of its natural beauty. We also recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure it stays that way and that we promote a sustainable way of living. We continue building up our links with the local biosphere team as well as promoting Eco friendly ways of living. This has formed the basis for our school logo. We have regular visits into school from people who care for and protect our environment.


We promote music and art by providing our children with a range of exciting opportunities to learn and to exhibit their artwork in the village, as well as by singing and performing musically in our community. 

Chivenor Military Base

Chivenor Military Base is ½ a mile from Southmead Primary school and although we are not a ‘military school’ we do have many military families at our school. The team at Chivenor base is very supportive of our school.


Local Businesses

We are keen to promote local businesses and encourage practical lessons into our curriculum which allow children to visit facilities in our town and to source our resources locally when this is possible. 


Southmead Pre-School

Southmead Pre-School has been judged OUTSTANDING by OFSTED. It is situated in a mobile classroom in our grounds at Southmead Primary School. It has been registered since 1994 and is on the Early Years Register. The premises comprise one main room and adjoining cloakrooms and a separate outdoor play area. There is appropriate access for the disabled. Children have access to the school playing fields and hard surface playground for outdoor play.

Please click HERE to look at a copy of Pre School's Prospectus.


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