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Primary Maths Challenge

The results are in...
This week Year 6 worked hard to complete the Primary Maths Challenage.  This then meant that all of the Year 5 and 6 papers could be marked and the scores were then submitted. All of the children worked incredibly hard and should be proud of themselves. It is called a challenge

for a reason – it is not meant to be easy! All children have received a certificate for taking

part and there are some individuals who have been awarded with either a bronze, silver or
gold award. Below is the list of individuals who achieved these awards but we want to congratulate ALL of the children for taking part.


Well done Year 5 and 6.

Ethan T (Yr 6)
Beatrix C-W (Yr 6)
Laila D (Yr 6)
Lilly B (Yr 6)
Jemma F (Yr 6)
Leo P (Yr 6)
Marcie J (Yr 6)
Tom F (Yr 6)
Grace D (Yr 6)
Mia L (Yr 6)
Louis Y (Yr 6)
Cara S (Yr 5)
Aston R (Yr 5)
Ruben C (Yr 6)
Eben F (Yr 6)
Thomas D (Yr 6)
Alfie H (Yr 6)
Nevaeh T (Yr 6)
Emilia C (Yr 6)
Evan P (Yr 5)
Lotti R-L (Yr 5)
Archie P (Yr 5)
Martha M (Yr 5)
Lani A (Yr 5)
Aaron S (Yr 5)
Josh H (Yr 6)
Ella Bu (Yr 5)
Martha T (Yr 6)
Lyra W-D(Yr 6)
Joe M (Yr 6)
Emily J (Yr 6)
Jack R (Yr 5)
Annie N(Yr 5)
Lacey H (Yr 6)
Jonah W (Yr 5)
Hermione V (Yr 6)
Ella J (Yr 5)
Molly R (Yr 6)
Romilly A (Yr 6)
Ele C (Yr 6)

Chloe W (Yr 6)
Finley D (Yr 5)
Sam K (Yr 5)
Harry P (Yr 6)
Elsa W (Yr 6)
Luna M (Yr 5)
Alfie M (Yr 6)
Stevie W (Yr 6)
Santana M (Yr 6)
Pixie R (Yr 6)
Joe C (Yr 5)
Vivian S (Yr 5)
Amber B (Yr 5)
Blake M (Yr 6)
Memphis S (Yr 6)
Bebe (Yr 6)
Amelia-Rose P-S (Yr 6)
Brook S (Yr 6)
Angel B (Yr 6)
Lexi E (Yr 6)
Harry B (Yr 6)
Sidney S(Yr 6)
Starr P (Yr 5)
Alex D (Yr 5)
Emily C (Yr 5)
Kovu P (Yr 5)
Rosaline G (Yr 5)

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