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Headteacher: Mr Nicholas Plumb

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Switch Off Fortnight

We have completed our first week of Switch Off Fortnight and already several classes have enjoyed doing special activities, including extra time outdoors. On Thursday, EYFS did a carousel
of space themed activities; learning about the formation of moon craters by throwing rocks into a bowl of flour, exploring and observing blocks of ice while learning about comets, leaping around the playground with fiery coloured ribbons and throwing star shaped bean bags at a chalk picture of planet Earth while talking about their shooting stars. After break, we all headed onto the field and worked on developing muscle strength and coordination; running, scooting or cycling around
the track, climbing on the fort and negotiating the trim trail. The children and staff all
had a wonderful time.
Some families will be receiving switch off challenges as part of their child's homework.  We hope that you will find this useful in a time when our World Leaders are seeking change and everybody's efforts count. Hopefully we will save some money in school and you could at home too.

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