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Wave Project held at Croyde Bay funded by Barnardo's.

We had the opportunity to be referred by Barnardo's to access three sessions of surfing hosted by the Wave Project in Croyde.

Twelve of our pupils were able to take part in this opportunity over three Wednesday mornings in February. The first week had temperatures of minus degrees and with snow.

All twelve pupils coped with the weather conditions and all came back for more!!

Speaking to Jasmine from the Wave Project after the last session she said, “They are a hardy bunch and they faced challenging conditions. The waves were high and they got a dunking but they didn't give up and went back in and did it again."


Here are some comments from the children who attended:

Alex  - (yr5) “I loved it, it was really fun, enjoyable and challenging. I got dunked, it was really, really, really icy. If you ever go surfing try meditating on a surfboard, I did and it was fun.


Connor – (yr5) "I have never surfed and I had lots of fun. It was great fun to ride on the waves and I was able to stand up on my board."  


Teaching staff said both boys were so full of enthusiasm wanting to share their experiences when they came back into class.


Ele – (yr6) "I enjoyed going through party waves (really fast waves) and swimming on the waves on my last day."


Lilly – (yr6) "I enjoyed it because lots of people I know from my school were there. I managed to stand up on my board and catch a few waves. I also managed to impress my dad who is a good surfer."


Alfie – (yr6) "It was really fun and I really enjoyed it and I challenged myself."


Emily – (yr6) "It was fun and I was able to surf a couple of waves. The first week was tricky and I didn’t think I could do it but in the second week I could. I had a great time."


James – (yr6) "It was really good fun. On the first day it was snowing and there was a low tide. The second day it was sunny and it was high tide. The third day was raining and it was a very high tide. I still enjoyed it as I was able to get up on my knees. The cold weather didn’t bother me because I wore the right equipment a really thick wetsuit."


Blake – (yr6) "I enjoyed the waves - they were amazing. On the first day it was surfing."


Caitlin – (yr4) "You learn how to surf professionally and it's super fun. It does take a while to stand up and you can get really tired from it but you get to wear really cool wetsuits."


Max – (yr4) "I enjoyed the games we played and on the first day as I was walking back up after surfing my hands were very cold and it had been snowing. I got to use a special surfboard."


Ciaran – (yr4) "I enjoyed surfing because it meant I could go in the water again. It was very cold on the first week, I have never surfed before. I was able to stand up on the second lesson and I lost track after I counted three times.  I’d love to carry on surfing."


Hazel – (yr4) "I really enjoyed it. It was cold but I got up on my board and I would like to carry on surfing."


For more information about The Wave Project click here.

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